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Your Laminate Flooring Experts in Crofton, MD

Laminate is an economical flooring solution that’s stylish, simple to maintain, and incredibly durable. It’s a great alternative to hardwood, which can be expensive and complicated to care for. At Quality Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer one of the best laminate selections in the area. Learn more about our laminate flooring options by planning a visit to our Crofton, MD, showroom. You’ll be able to view our flooring samples and talk with our experts about your home or office needs. Start shopping for laminate now!



Laminate vs Hardwood

Laminate floors are an alternative to hardwood, and thanks to advanced digital imaging and texturing techniques, they look almost identical to wood from above. In fact, many people can’t tell the difference between today’s laminate and real hardwood planks. Laminate planks are created by gluing together layers of composite wood, and then adding a high-definition image of premium wood toward the surface of the plank to give the floor an authentic appearance. Since the layers of composite wood are placed in a cross-grain direction, laminate is more water-resistant than real wood, and it tends to resist scratches and dents better.



Is Laminate Waterproof?

Laminate floors used to be mainly water-resistant. They could handle spills occasionally, but too much moisture would cause damage overtime. Now, we carry waterproof laminate flooring that’s 100% protected. Our waterproof Mirror Lake™ collection can even be installed in kitchens and bathrooms without worry. This is thanks to a water-tight surface and seams that lock out moisture and spills to keep your subfloor protected.



Where Can Laminate Be Installed?

Laminate is easy to install and provides a truly unique look that’s ideal for any space in your home. Many laminate floors are installed using a simple click-lock method that allows the floor to float over your subfloor – no glues or adhesives required. We offer professional installation services, and we also have laminate collections that are DIY-friendly. Additionally, we have commercial-grade laminate that’s ideal for light-use office and hospitality spaces.



Our Laminate Selection

Laminate flooring is available in a wide array of styles, colors, textures, and sizes. Whether you want a trendy white pine laminate floor or a rustic dark wood look, we have a product that’s perfect for you. Our experts can guide you through the various features of laminate and help you find the right choice for your budget, style, and performance needs. For instance, you can choose a wide plank laminate floor in your kitchen or bathroom, which creates a beautiful, reclaimed look. Or we can help you find a unique, multi-color laminate floor that’s ideal for your business because it disguises wear and stains. Visit us today to learn more!


Twelve Oak laminate flooring in Forest Orchard in living area

Laminate Maintenance


Laminate is easy to care for and takes minimal time and energy to stay looking good. Learn more about keeping your new floor beautiful and functional.





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