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Hardwood Flooring Experts in Crofton, MD

Enduring and elegant, a new hardwood floor can add incredible value to your property. Hardwood flooring is considered by many to be the ultimate home indulgence. Right now, there are more hardwood products than ever before, making now the perfect time to take that plunge. At Quality Carpet One Floor & Home of Crofton, MD, we have a passion for hardwood flooring and offer up all of the latest innovations in solid and engineered hardwoods. Are you thinking of installing a new hardwood floor? Here’s a quick rundown on modern-day hardwood flooring in all its delicate forms.



Hardwood Styles

What’s your signature style? Whatever your answer, we promise there’s the perfect hardwood for it. It’s easy to incorporate the looks you love, from rustic and weathered styles to sleek and glossy surfaces. Hardwood is available in hundreds of finishes, species, and shades: combine your favorites to create an awe-inspiring installation. Learn more about our hardwood styles by browsing our selection online.



Types of Wood

Many different tree species, ranging from traditional to exotic, are used to manufacture hardwood flooring. The most popular products are made from traditional species like pine, oak, and maple. For those who prefer something more luxurious, exotic woods like mahogany can add a specific distinction to a room. One general rule of thumb to remember is that each hardwood species boasts unique traits and will vary in hardness. Choose wisely, based on your budget and needs.



Solid vs. Engineered Hardwoods

Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are tough to tell apart, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Solid hardwood is the traditional option and is made from single, solid hunks of natural wood. Each plank is typically ¾’’ inch thick and designed to be refinished when the floor becomes significantly scratched and worn out up to seven times. Solid hardwood floors often improve property value and are ideal for on or above-grade rooms that are dry. Since wood is naturally porous and can absorb water, it’s not a great fit for moisture-prone areas, like basements or bathrooms.


Engineered hardwood is refined by modern manufacturing. Each plank is made by laminating 3-7 layers of composite wood together in a cross-grain direction, before adding a finished piece of premium hardwood to the surface. This construction stabilizes the floor and counteracts wood’s tendency to swell and shrink in changing conditions. Engineered floors can be used in any of your home’s moisture-prone rooms or areas that solid hardwood is not recommended.



Humidity and Hardwood

Hardwood flooring naturally contains moisture, and because of that it will continue to expand and contract with the moisture levels in the room. With the cost these floors come with, it is important to ensure proper installation and maintenance so they can last for years and years. Most of the time moisture-prone rooms such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens are not the most suitable rooms to use hardwood flooring such as wide plank hardwood. Wide plank floors are especially prone to expanding and contracting due to changing moisture levels, which can cause buckling or cupping if not properly installed by an installation professional.



Where to Install Hardwood Flooring

Although hardwood should be mostly avoided in kitchens or bathrooms, there are plenty of smart and suitable options for the rest of your home. Solid hardwood, as previously mentioned, fares best in non-moisture prone rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms. Engineered hardwood can be used in finished basements and other moisture-prone areas of your home to give a similar look.



Our Hardwood Selection

Quality Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be an independently owned and operated member of North America’s largest flooring cooperative. We offer an expansive product inventory and expert services, making us your final destination for all of your hardwood flooring needs. Please visit us soon at 1661 Crofton Center in Crofton, MD, to learn more about hardwood flooring or browse our latest products, including Hydrotek!




Learn More About Hardwood

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Choosing Hardwood Floors


Choosing a hardwood floor in your home is dependent on the needs of the room; especially if the room see's a lot of foot traffic, or if it is a place your pets play.




How to Maintain Hardwood Floors


Caring for your new hardwood floor is important, and plays a role in how well it will function in your home. Take a look at some cleaning and maintenance tips we have compiled.




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Best Hardwood Floors for Homes


We can help you determine which hardwood floor would be best for your next home renovation project. From style to hardwood types, our flooring experts can guide you in the right direction.





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