Wide Plank Hardwood

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Wide Plank Hardwood

Many years ago wide plank hardwood was the staple structural piece of every home. Today, wide plank hardwood has become much more than a structural piece. Homeowners everywhere are flocking to flooring stores in search of the perfect wide plank for their home. At Quality Carpet One Floor & Home, we are your local hardwood retailer specializing in providing a wide variety of hardwood floors to include wide plank hardwood.

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Wide Plank Hardwood Characteristics

As the name suggests, wide plank hardwood is defined as any hardwood floor that is 5 inches wide or greater. Wide plank hardwood floors range in width from 5 inches to 7 ½ inches and even greater. Some hardwoods go up to as much as 12 inches in width, which makes rooms look big and beautiful. If you wantwide plank floor with a farmhouse feel, choose wide plank hardwood in varying widths.

Wide plank hardwood is prone to expand and contract when moisture levels change. Because of this, it is crucial that wide plank is installed correctly to keep it from buckling or cupping. To get the most personalized hardwood in your home, wide plank hardwood that is unfinished is ideal. It is required that you finish unfinished hardwood on site after installation by choosing a stain and finish that fits your design. Finishing hardwood on site can take up much more time, as stain and finish each take several days to apply and dry. If you are pressed for time or don’t want an unfinished floor, choose a prefinished hardwood. Prefinished wide plank does not need to be finished on site, and instead is installed,and the process is complete. One of the benefits of wide plank hardwood is that it requires fewer boards during installation, which can speed up the process significantly. 

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