Soft Surface Flooring

Soft, Comfortable, & Stylish

Soft Surface Flooring

Soft surface flooring remains the most popular choice in homes, and at Quality Carpet One in Crofton, MD, we carry options that are durable and stylish. Our showroom displays the most recent trends along with timeless styles, and we never sacrifice quality. As part of Carpet One, we showcase exclusive brands while offering competitive pricing. Come in and see what our soft surface flooring has to offer.


Offering cushioning and natural insulation, carpet offers many benefits to busy households. Advancements in the engineering of carpet have led to a more durable and stain resistant product. This sound investment is available in many design patterns and textures, making it easy to customize your home’s interior design. Check out our Carpet Flooring Guide to see if carpet is right for you. See some of our brands below:

Tigressa | Bigelow | Lees Studio | Innovia | Resista SoftStyle | & More

Area Rugs

Capable of transforming a room and creating cohesiveness, area rugs come in a various colors and patterns. However, they are more than a design tool. They can protect your floors from scuffs and scratches and provide a comfortable place to stand or sit. They’re also great noise reducers! At Quality Carpet One, we know that no two homes are the same and we want you to find the perfect area rug. Therefore, we offer customization of your area rug through Cutting Edge. From color to size and even shape, we’re happy to help you in designing exactly what you’re looking for.

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