4 Benefits of Using Window Treatments

Quality Carpet One is proud to announce that we are now offering window treatments. We currently provide several window coverings from Graber at great prices. Whether you’re looking to increase privacy or hope to save on your electricity bill, we’re happy to help! Most people tend to overlook the benefits of quality window treatments and don’t realize how material and structure impact their home. Selecting the right window treatments can keep you in control of light and help conserve energy.

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4 Benefits of Using Window Treatments
1. Privacy
Keep your private matters private with window treatments. Window treatments are available in several designs that vary the level of privacy given. Many people have become accustomed to purchasing window treatments at a department store where they’re surrounded by poor quality products and little selection. Moreover, they settle for curtains that are highly opaque and sacrifice their natural light for privacy. This is not the only solution. We offer many options that will let you have control of privacy and lighting.

2. Light Control
The material of your window treatments and their structure plays a huge role in how much light can enter a room. We carry all types of treatments from light filtering sheer drapes to black out shades. For maximum control consider horizontal or vertical blinds. These blinds make it easy to redirect light. However, if you’d like to maintain a view, bottom up/top down options might be the way to go.

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3. Protection
UV rays can damage your floors, ruin artwork, and cause fading to furniture. Shades, blinds, and shutters can all keep your furnishings in pristine condition by blocking harmful UV light.

4. Energy Efficiency
Window treatments are good insulators. During the summer months closed blinds can keep heat from entering, and during the winter they can keep warmth contained. For maximum energy efficiency, consider cellular shades, dual shades, roman shades, shutters, or draperies.

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