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Hardwood & Humidity

It’s no secret that hardwood is affected by humidity. However, preparing for humidity before it occurs is the best way to keep issues from happening. Whether you are new to owning hardwood or not, at Quality Carpet One Floor & Home in Crofton, we can offer advice on dealing with hardwood and humidity.

Moisture and Hardwood

Hardwood floor naturally has moisture in it. The levels of moisture change from the moment the tree is cut, to the milling process, to the installation. To many people’s surprise, hardwood still takes in and releases moisture even after installation. Because hardwood floors still have a percentage of moisture after they are installed, they will expand and contract when moisture levels in the air rise.

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Protect Your Floors from Humidity

In order to keep your floors long-lasting, it is crucial that they are installed correctly from the get-go. A gap between the floors and the wall should be left to allow the hardwood to expand and contract without causing issues. This is usually covered by the baseboards that are installed as a finishing piece, making the floor and wall meet with clean lines. If your hardwood floors don’t have room to expand, they will buckle in places all over the room. We recommend a professional installer who will take care of this for you and who will ensure that the moisture levels in your home are at the right level before installation.

It is essential to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, while also checking the humidity of the home. In the summer, be sure to run air conditioners and fans to keep your house cool. Hardwood floors will expand, but this should be expected. In the winter, keep the heat on to keep your floors from pulling apart and causing huge gaps. Some gaps are normal, but excessive gaps can cause problems. You can test the level of your home’s humidity and use a dehumidifier if it is too high. 

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