Hard Surface Flooring

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Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring has evolved drastically over the years, and at Quality Carpet One in Crofton, MD, we offer the most up-to-date, innovative flooring options in the market. Upon a visit to our showroom, you’ll be surrounded by many options, and may even trick yourself into believing that one thing is something else. That’s because technology has allowed for products to mimic others, making elegant designs affordable and authentic looking.


A classic flooring option that remains widely popular today, hardwood embodies natural beauty and character. The ambiance and uniformity that wood creates in a household is highly sought after and can increase the value of a home. Best of all, wood is highly durable and can last a lifetime if maintained properly. Ask one of our experts which kind of hardwood would be best for your rooms. See some of our brands below:

Rustic River | & More


A life-like alternative to stone, tile, and hardwood, vinyl has proved that an authentic look and feel is attainable. Vinyl is offered in a variety of colors and can go as far as to have beveled edges and textured markings. In comparison to natural hard surface flooring, vinyl is more comfortable underfoot and is highly durable. There are many benefits associated with luxury vinyl tile. See some of our brands below:

ManningtonInvincible LVT | Invincible H2O | Earthscapes | VeroStone | & More


Long lasting and strong, tile can withstand heavy traffic inside and outside of the home. This low maintenance flooring option comes in a variety of color hues that are sure to match the design of your home. Textures also vary and are good to keep in mind if you have pets or children. See some of our brands below:

Bel Terra | & More


Aesthetically pleasing and cost effective, laminate can reproduce the look of wood and other natural mediums. It is available in a wide selection of designs and textures and requires little maintenance. See some of our brands below:

Laminate for Life | & More

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